Exploring the Patient Journey and Assessing Quality of Life Among Persons with Diabetes

An Insight Syndication Report

With its ever increasing prevalence, diabetes is now part of the daily life of many Canadians. Diabetes affects many different aspects of the life of those who have it, and, on the whole, may have a significant impact on quality of life (QOL).

MD Analytics is leading a syndicated study to better understand the impact that the decisions we make as a society will have on the quality of life of Canadians with diabetes. The study also seeks to understand how people today are managing their diabetes, inclusive of the lifestyle and treatment decisions they make, as well as access to healthcare and related social benefits.

The results of this study can be used by healthcare organizations and pharmaceutical companies to develop specific strategies to support healthcare professionals in helping their diabetes patients better manage their condition, as well as to inform patient directed marketing and educational programs.

This study will be conducted with a convenience sample of approximately 1,000 persons with diabetes across Canada, and is intended to run annually.

Research Objectives:

  • Assess the QOL among Canadians with diabetes in contrast to the average Canadian
  • Understand the impact of treatment options, diet and lifestyle choices, and access to care on QOL
  • Assess impact of Provincial formulary differences and healthcare policies on QOL
  • Determine the current diet and lifestyle choices of Canadians with diabetes
  • Map the current diagnosis and treatment pathways, including all interactions with various HCPs (e.g. pharmacists and DNEs), in the management of the disease
  • Explore differences in diagnosis, treatment, and access to care by province
  • Determine Canadians with diabetes current BG monitoring behaviours and preferences, including type of BG meter, frequency of usage, source, training, etc…
  • Explore medication/BG monitoring compliance and impact on QOL
  • Determine the primary sources of information for diabetes care among Canadians with diabetes
  • Explore the current usage of nutritional supplements as part of the disease management process
  • Assess the current knowledge of Canadians with diabetes with regards to how educated or informed they are about the disease management and treatments options available

Key Study Details

  • Sample Size: 1,008 Canadians with type I or II diabetes; national distribution
  • Final Deliverable: PowerPoint presentation with executive summary of key findings
  • Field Dates: Completed in March 2012
  • Report Delivery: Available Now

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